White Privilege

We know. We’ve known for years that the health and social injustices experienced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people is worse than for white people. In 2010 The Marmot Review “Fair Society, Health Lives” identified that health inequalities are a matter of social justice. Those who live in the most deprived neighbourhoods, thoseContinue reading “White Privilege”

Privilege of working for the NHS

So it seems I wrote a very controversial and divisive facebook post last week. I was commenting on what I’ve been reading from NHS staff who were expressing that they don’t usually have any ‘perks’ in their jobs so getting discounts offered, freebies sent to work and being able to queue jump was OK. ItContinue reading “Privilege of working for the NHS”

Privilege and life

As lockdown continues, life carries on. Today my son submitted his last assignment for his degree. Fingers crossed he’ll be rewarded with a Bronze Swimming certificate (BSc) for his efforts. Fortunately he’d managed to complete all of his fieldwork and submit his dissertation before lockdown happened. It doesn’t seem like two minutes since he startedContinue reading “Privilege and life”

Lockdown … cos that’s what everyone’s writing about right?

Well this is all so weird I’ve decided to write a blog. Trying to work out how wordpress works is actually even weirder than lockdown! For a while I’ve been meaning to start a blog. Largely because I want to share my thoughts and ask others (you) to contribute to my thinking about a numberContinue reading “Lockdown … cos that’s what everyone’s writing about right?”